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What to expect onboard a Bare Necessities Cruise!

First time sailing bare? You’re not alone. Even though over 70% sail with us year after year, our number of first-timers has grown. Bare cruising provides the opportunity for a natural reset and we could all use that. More and more people are ready to get back out there and try new things. What better way to do so than by leaving your cares behind along with your clothes.

Expect to stay busy on sea days; Carnival provides a wide range of activities from interactive games on the pool deck to their ever-popular Bingo. Bare Necessities also hosts activities such as complimentary workshops, lectures, and crafting your accessories to wear during our Bare Fest Events. You may dance the night away wearing nothing but what you created with the Crafty Cruisers earlier that day! Sample morning meditation, travel photography, and much more. A full list of our events and activities will be in your Welcome Aboard magazine.

A great way to prepare for your first bare cruise is to review our Guidebook.
This online guide offers helpful information to plan your trip and lists our upcoming Bare Fest Events. If you have questions during the cruise, whether you’re a first-timer or repeat cruiser; just look for our Bare Squad members wearing orange baseball hats labeled “staff”.

Still on the fence about joining us aboard the Big Nude Boat? See what other first-timers have to say and take the plunge!

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