BNB 2023 Early Booking Discount: Save up to $1,000 off a Balcony Cabin | See coupon codes & details

Use coupon code B23 $500* off balcony cabins (Category 7A, 8A through 8F)

Use coupon code EB23 $1000* off extended balcony cabins (Category 8J and 8K)

*Amount deducted from the total cabin price for these specific categories. Offer expires 1/31/22.

The Big Nude Boat 2020 – A legend!

With already 90% of cabins sold, don’t miss the boat! Come join us as we celebrate our 30th anniversary of cruising bare! Featuring an inaugural stop at the Yucatan Peninsula and exclusive use of Mahogany Bay at Roatan, this cruise will offer both amazing scenery as well as wonderful shore excursions for our guests.

This 30 year celebratory cruise will include the “Barely Formal Night” which is also known as Captain’s Night, A Mardi Gras party, the Black and White Pearl Gala which will be the official celebration for Bare Necessities 30 years of cruising anniversary, and last but not least a Leap Day celebration on the last Sea Day.

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