Big Nude Boat 2021 Special Offer! | Save up to $800| See coupon codes & details


*B21 for $400 off the cabin price of the following balcony categories: 7A; 8A; 8B; 8C; 8D; 8E; and 8F.
*EB21 for $800 off the cabin price of the following extended balcony categories: 8J; and 8K.

*Discount is divided evenly among payments. E.g. If the total discount is $100, it will be divided by the three payments for the booking, meaning that each payment will have a discount of approximately $33 applied at checkout.

Thank you!

As we reflect on the things we’re thankful for this holiday season, we want to extend a thank you to our loyal Bare friends and family. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, grow our supportive community, and share in amazing adventures with you. We wouldn’t be able to travel the world or create safe and comfortable environments for bare cruisers without you!

Because of you, we’ve been able to break down the barriers of social nudity and make clothing-optional vacations an opportunity for all over the past two decades. Our wide range of cruise charters is a testament to the way we’ve all championed our wonderful lifestyle.

We will be thinking of you and yours and the impact you’ve had on us this holiday season!

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