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Say YES to NO Dress….

Nudists aren’t like most people. They seem to have a carefree mentality, are more willing to try new things, and are very welcoming. If you choose to cruise bare, be ready to make new friends. It might surprise you what you discover once aboard a Bare Necessities cruise.

First-time bare cruiser Brooke realized that feeling self-conscious about your body is not the case on a bare cruise. Your fellow passengers are accepting of all shapes and sizes so give yourself a few hours at sea, and you’ll be feeling at ease.

She also discovered nudists may not like wearing clothing, but they love to dress up! The great thing about a bare cruise is when it comes to our Bare Fest Events, you can wear as much or as little as you like. Accessories can be the key to a great costume or the costume itself.

Brooke’s biggest takeaway from her experience is that nudists know how to live in the moment, are accepting of those around them, and all have one thing in common; they’re ready to leave their worries at the dock along with their pants. No dress means less stress.

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