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B24 $500 off the total cost of a Balcony (Category 7A, 8A - 8F)

EB24 $1,000 off the total cost of an Extended Balcony (Category 8J & 8K)

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Royal Clipper 2019 Cruise Recap – Welcome Aboard

“Welcome Aboard.” Are there any sweeter words to hear after a long flight, a night in a hotel and a winding train ride? Each time you board the Royal Clipper, you are taken back to a time long before the invention of the mechanical engine. To experience the Royal Clipper is a glimpse of what is was like to experience sailing 100 years ago. Star Clippers has designed the largest and only five-masted full-rigged sailing ship in the world and having the opportunity to cruise on it is like nothing else.

The Royal Clipper experience would not be complete without their incredible crew, who provide a true 5-star experience. To watch the sailors hoist the sails at sail away never ceases to amaze. Since a cruise doubles as a home for a couple of weeks, you entrust people you do not really know with your safety and well-being. Royal Clipper’s cruise director, Monica Matos is an exceptional woman. From organizing onboard entertainment, excursions and handling daily information, as always she truly embraced our passengers and left a lasting impression.

Royal Clipper Sommolier, Brice Falluel, offered tastings on sea days on how to train the palate to taste wine like a pro. His exuberant personality and passion for good food and fine wine was appreciated by passengers. In return, he also expressed his love of naturism and recalled his bare cruise experience:
“Doing a wine presentation in front of naked people wearing only flip flops and an apron was unique, unexpected and exceptional – thank you Bare Necessities!”

The cruise called on a naturist beach resort — Riva Bella. Located in Corsica, this slice of paradise was a highlight for many passengers. As a bare cruiser, it is always a bonus to find a nude resort that aligns with naturist core values of respect for oneself, others and the environment. Providing a great, long strip of sandy beach in a tranquil environment Riva Bella provides a fantastic place to nakation on land. Offering Spa services, a restaurant, general store, hiking and glamping on the beach, this is a destination Bare Necessities hopes to return to again.

Ready to try bare cruising on the Royal Clipper? Join us next summer to begin your life-changing experience!

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