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*B21 for $400 off the cabin price of the following balcony categories: 7A; 8A; 8B; 8C; 8D; 8E; and 8F.
*EB21 for $800 off the cabin price of the following extended balcony categories: 8J; and 8K.

*Discount is divided evenly among payments. E.g. If the total discount is $100, it will be divided by the three payments for the booking, meaning that each payment will have a discount of approximately $33 applied at checkout.

Barest of Necessities: Rosie’s Bare Bucket List

Rosie’s Bare Bucket List:

  1. Cruise to New Zealand
  2. Hike Nude to a Waterfall
  3. Take a Nude Crossing Cruise

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