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Nudity and Body Image – How A Plus Sized Woman Helped Her Self-Esteem Through Nudity

For Katherine D. Morgan, at just 24 years old she had spent years struggling with her body image. While browsing facebook one day (in fact the day after she turned 24), she came across a post which was seeking a paid “nude model” that evening. The details included that this was for an art class and the model they had hired was ill.

Katherine had made a promise to herself that for her 24th year on this earth, she would take risks and learn from new experiences. So she did just that. She responded to the post and she was set – a first time experience posing nude in front of an artist.

While this was not super comfortable for Katherine, she learned that day that posing nude and looking at the artwork created from her body image was truly beautiful.

We want to help our passengers experience what Katherine did. While we won’t ask you to pose nude for photos or art, we love to share with our passengers what nudity does for their body image and the natural reset it provides. Come take an opportunity to experience what nudity can do for you aboard a Bare Necessities Cruise.

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