BNB24 Early Booking Discount* coupon codes:

B24 $500 off the total cost of a Balcony (Category 7A, 8A - 8F)

EB24 $1,000 off the total cost of an Extended Balcony (Category 8J & 8K)

OS24 $1,400 off the total cost of an Ocean Suite (Category OS)

*Discount only applies to reservations for the Big Nude Boat 2024. Amount is deducted from the total cost of the cabin and will be calculated over the course of the scheduled payments. Early Booking Discount is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn without notice.

Next Stop: Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is the historic and cultural heart of The Bahamas and approximately one million passengers enjoy the warm waters and tropical breezes every year. There are numerous beaches, not to mention shopping, water sports, and fun-filled attractions including the huge Atlantis Resort & Casino, connected by a bridge to Paradise Island. Sample the Bahamian cuisine at Arawak Cay, dance to Junkanoo-style music, or swim with pigs – the choices are limitless!

Located on the small island of New Providence, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas archipelago. Prince George Wharf is easy walking distance to the Bay Street downtown area with shops, local crafts, restaurants, and hair braiders. Historic sites nearby include Parliament Square and The Queen’s Staircase or “66 Steps”. At the top of the stairs, Fort Fincastle, built in the 1700’s, offers a fabulous birds-eye view of downtown Nassau and the harbor.

Shaped by the Caribbean pirate era of the 17th and 18th centuries, Nassau was a buccaneer haven for many years. Much of the Bahamian culture was influenced by Africans slaves arriving from West African nations. Adelaide, Fox Hill and Gambier are historic villages settled by liberated Africans in the 1800’s. The Pompey Museum features an exhibit on the African experience in the Bahamas. Islanders are welcoming and may speak Bahamian Creole English, a unique language.

The warm, clear water is perfect for sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing as well as having encounters with sea lions, dolphins, stingrays and the opportunity to swim with pigs. Excursions to Blue Lagoon, Balmoral Island, Pearl Island and Sandy Toes offer a private-island experience and it’s just a short ferry ride away. Atlantis Resort has the largest open-air marine habitat in the world and an aquapark built as a replica Mayan temple with water slides through the shark’s habitat.

Experience the white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas. We will be stopping in Nassau, Bahamas for our Big Nude Boat 2022 cruise and are looking forward to all this port has to offer. There is still time to join us and take advantage of our early booking discount with a savings up to $800 off the cabin cost.

Early booking discounts are being offered on select category of cabins.
$400 off the total cost of balcony categories 7A, 8A- 8E. Code B22.
$800 off the total cost of extended balcony category 8J. Code EB22

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