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Next Stop: Mykonos, Greece

Discover Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island where glamour meets simplicity. According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules and named after Apollo’s grandson. Nowadays, the island is known for its dry, windy climate, sandy beaches and world-famous nightlife!

Mykonos town doesn’t take long to walk from one end to the other, however you can spend hours strolling through the streets. The maze of winding walkways was originally created to confuse invading pirates who came ashore to raid the village. Unlike the pirates, go ahead and lose yourself for hours in the enchanting warren of narrow pedestrian streets adorned with bougainvillea and lined with picture-perfect whitewashed houses displaying vibrant colored doors and window frames. Explore Matogianni Street located near the center which is considered the most picturesque part of town or visit the most photographed church, Panagia Paraportiani, located in the Kastro neighborhood.

One of the most scenic corners of the island is Alefkántra or “Little Venice”, an 18th century district, with stylish windows and colorful balconies, reminiscent of the famous Italian city. Relax at a waterfront café and admire the view of the quaint windmills standing imposingly on the hillside above, set against a luminous blue backdrop. Enjoy one of their fresh fruit cocktails at one of the cool trendy bars while watching the sunset and stay even later for the amazing nightlife.

Mykonos Town is comparable to Ibiza when it comes to the incredible party scene. From atmospheric cocktail bars in Little Venice to swanky bars and trending night clubs within the town of Mykonos to wild beach parties that last throughout the night. One can easily find an open-air patio serving an array of drinks or a club offering dancing till dawn.

Don’t leave Mykonos without heading to the beach. The beaches here are among the best in the Mediterranean with 25 in all. Whether you’re searching for a tiny, secluded cove or a wide stretch of sugar-white sand filled with sun worshipers; Mykonos has a beach to suit your needs. Paradise Beach is known for party-goers as well offering a variety of water sports. Not far from Paradise Beach is Super Paradise Beach, a nudist friendly beach with soft, golden sand and turquoise waters. It’s truly a great place to spend the day au naturel. Both beaches are very lively with restaurants, bars and beach clubs playing nonstop music.

If you’re looking for a quieter atmosphere and amazing views, we suggest Elia Beach. It’s one of the longest beaches in Mykonos; with many hidden coves, it has become very popular with nudists looking for a bit more privacy but still offers plenty of facilities. Most beaches are located on the southern side of the island and range from Agrari beach with no crowds to the more expensive Psarou Beach offering scuba diving and an array of restaurants onsite. Visitors have a wide range of choices as to where they choose to sink your toes into the sand.

History buffs will want to visit the nearby island of Delos known as the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. The archaeological site is exceptionally extensive and conveys the image of a great cosmopolitan Mediterranean port. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important archeological and mythical sites in Greece and considered a sacred island in ancient times.

Whether you’ve spent the day lounging on the beach or exploring the history of the region, make sure to treat yourself to some local Aegean specialties such as pepper flavored “kopanistí”, a soft cheese seasoned with pepper which is the island’s gastronomic trademark. Sample “loúzes,”cooked pork fillet with spices and tasty local sausages sprinkled with pepper and local oregano. Consider leaving room for dessert; you’ll want to try one of the exceptional local pastries offered on the island, “amigdalotá,” a small round cake made with ground almond, rosewater and caster sugar or a honey pie.

Mykonos has been one of Bare Necessities’ favorite ports to visit within the Greek Isles and we look forward to our return.



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