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Naked Man 2015

img_1241How to describe the experience of “Naked Man” at Laguna Del Sol in Sacramento? The best way I’ve come up with is to say that the air was filled with the spirit of generosity, or rather filled with a generosity of spirit as everyone was giving of themselves and their talents.  It was a gathering of creative and imaginative nudists and naturists doing their version of the now famous desert alternative arts festival “Burning Man“.

The definition of a “camp” or village is that each is made of members working around a theme to develop a sense of community.  The camps should be interactive, artistically visually stimulating, and neighborly.  They  should have activities, or services or items to barter and be fun. There were so many camps at Naked Man that succeeded in all of these aspects and each one was unique.

img_1247A few examples are the “Spammers” who applied temporary tattoos with images of a can of Spam. They also grilled gourmet snacks for passersby using that infamous luncheon meat. There was an artist that specialized in metal work who created an anatomically correct naked man pendant made on the spot with an acetylene torch. One intrepid woman baked over 5000 cookies to share. Another camp BBQ Alley cooked lunch for over 350 people one afternoon. Beading camps helped make autograph necklaces.

screen_shot_2015-08-19_at_2-49-06_pmMost items were either exchanged or bartered. A beautiful glass pendant was given in exchange for a hula hooping demonstration, or even an attempt at hula hooping. In many cases everything was freely given with no strings attached. Body painters produced big “tigers” to prowl the grounds for no fee. A “Pirate Ship” atop a golf cart roamed about distributing punch that packed a punch. The Rawhide Ranch Revisited was a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

img_1266 When Eric and I arrived late thursday night we had missed the Man Cave and lighted bike parade. However, the sound of voices and music still drifted across the lake from the “White” dance party under the black lights. We would have loved to stop in, but after a brief dip in the lovely indoor hot tub at the hotel we hit the hay. When morning came we were astounded to see a vast number of tents and RVs parked around the lake. The grounds and the hotel were full with a record number of visitors.

img_1246 Even with the large number of people the festival never seemed crowded. We started out in the cool of the morning and walked from place to place “tattooing” everyone with the fabulous Bare Necessities fish girl logo. We were what is called at Naked Man a “roaming camp”. It was a great opportunity to meet people, many of whom are past passengers of ours. It was almost impossible to visit every camp, and though we tried our best we somehow missed Happy Hour at the Gold Bar.


img_1267They had a lighted golf cart parade with imaginative golf carts in many shapes including classic cars and a mobile Disco. Art bikes and anyone in a costume made of lights joined in. The Tutu Parade the following day was also a highlight with hundreds of us parading in our finery.  I will say that Eric in his black tutu, red bow tie and cummerbund, and white spats looked rather dapper, as one person commented.

The whole festival culminated with the lighting of the Naked Man and a newly introduced Naked Woman.  Thousands of people gathered around the clubhouse tennis courts for the music and the spectacle.  We are planning to recreate this festival on board our February 2017 “Dare to Bare – the Event” cruise and we have so many ideas.  We know how generous, creative, and talented our passengers are.  We can’t wait to see what “camps” will be on board.  I’ll be bringing my hula hoops and if anyone needs a French Braid I’m your gal!

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