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Naked in the News: Ready to try a Nude Staycation?

The importance of maintaining sanity throughout the situation of the current pandemic has required creative ways for people to cope and connect. Through the pandemic’s effects on work, travel, lifestyle, security, and physical as well as mental health, we have had to look for other non-traditional ways to connect with people. Social media has taken a huge place, allowing people to connect through contests, sharing ways to protect yourself, and even posing as works of art in photos. Additionally, video chat apps such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype have never been more helpful, as virtual family and friend dinner parties, virtual happy hours, and businesses are simultaneously using technology to connect people face to face, across the world, completely virtually.

Have you tried having a nude staycation with a nudist cocktail party or dinner party? Setting up a nudist gathering of over 100-people on video conferencing can be done from the safety of your own home, allowing you to connect with old friends and maybe make new ones. Or how about nude yoga? Get a group of friends or family together to spend some time doing yoga.

Read more about the bonding experience of a naked staycation and its liberating feeling:

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