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Naked in the News – Nudism is on the Rise

As people around the world have faced government mandated quarantine and social distancing orders, thanks to the coronavirus, people have been faced with taking up new hobbies, ways to entertain themselves, and even connect with loved ones and friends. One thing we do know for certain though, many people are trying new things for the very first time. And interestingly enough, naturism seems to be one of the things that people have been trying.

With that, the largest nudist organization in England, known as British Naturism, has reported a 100% increase in memberships which is believed to be due to coronavirus and self-isolation. British Naturism commercial manager, Andrew Welch, recently stated “New members have doubled in April so I think the current situation is having an impact. Most naturists are just run of the mill people who don’t strip off for the sake of it. When the lockdown is relaxed I’m sure more people will start to take their nakedness outside, trying something new.”

Here are Bare Necessities, we are hearing from new potential passengers that will venture on their very first nude cruise aboard the Big Nude Boat in 2021. We love hearing and sharing Naturism with the world, so the increase of those willing to give it a try is music to our ears.


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