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Naked in the News: Nude Games live on down under!

When it comes to nude recreation, Maslin Beach has been making history not only as Australia’s first official nude beach but also by hosting the Nude Olympics. Pilwarren naturist resort with others in the naturist community began organizing this sporting event in the early 1980s. When the Australian Olympic Committee stripped them from using the term “Olympic,” it only drew more attention to the event, bringing an influx of visitors and participants ever since. These are not your ordinary Olympic events; it’s simply a means to provide a sense of delight as well as bring nudists together in fellowship. Swapping out your swimsuit for a chance at winning a blue ribbon while making friends along the way is what draws naturists of all ages to the annual event. The Games include activities from our youth such as sack races, egg toss, frisbee throwing contests, the ever-popular three-legged race, and much more. There are even some very entertaining activities, such as the doubles balloon race and tissue box competition.

The Nude Games bring like-minded people together who are simply looking for a day of fun and laughter. Unlike the Olympic Summer Games held in July and August every four years, the Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games are every January (Australia’s summer); anyone is welcome to participate; just remember to wear sunscreen.

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