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Naked in the News: Naturism is on the Rise

Naked in the News: Naturism is on the Rise

For the Parisian nudist community, lockdown has provided new opportunities and ways for naturists to connect.  In a recent CNN interview with the president of the Association des Naturistes de Paris (ANP), Laurent Luft discussed the organization’s response and adjustment via the coronavirus pandemic lockdown rules.  Luft, who normally spends his weekdays taking a nude swim at the local Roger Le Gall swim center, or is arranging the organization’s next clothing-optional bowling night or restaurant outing, was faced with getting creative.  So the community went virtual, establishing the ability to meet for virtual nude yoga, cooking classes, and other virtual activities.  While he feels that it “doesn’t make up for the real face-to-face contact that we’re used to” it has allowed people to rethink their attitudes from work, leisure, and lifestyle perspectives.  

Simultaneously, it seems the lockdown has resulted in a growth within the naturist community.  British Naturism has reported an increase of members in the UK, and it’s suspected this trend is across the world.   All great news for us to make new like minded friends!

While vacations are unlikely for this summer, Naturists told CNN that they cannot wait to travel as soon as they can.  Naturist resorts are excited to welcome back guests and many people have rescheduled their 2020 trips to 2021.  

Here at Bare Necessities we are very excited to see all of you back in 2021!  And if you haven’t booked that next vacation for 2021 that you can barely wait to take, we hope you will join us aboard the Big Nude Boat 2021!

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