Naked in the NEWS – Naturism can help ease your level of stress

One of our core values is that our cruises are a natural reset, a way to relieve stress, tension and anxiety. A long-time naturist was reminded that this is the perfect cure to ease tension by jumping in the mud as nature intended; with nothing on but a smile. He found a way to make the most of his day off by shedding his clothes and feeling like a kid again. With everything going on, we can agree we all need to reset now and again.

Chris began partaking in social nude recreation during family holidays as a teen; it just came naturally; throughout the years, he discovered that naturism is not only a way to ease his anxiety but also is a confidence builder. When your clothes are off, everyone’s the same, no status or differences. It didn’t take long for his fiancé to come to this realization as well after attending a naturist spa retreat with him. It was second nature, and no one gave it another thought. The two of them now look for nude beaches while on vacation and naturism is an interest they both share. For someone who struggled with body image, Ginny says the naturist community has taught her acceptance. This has encouraged her to do her own nude photo shoot and she now offers a positive portrait packages at her studio. Naturism is liberating and I think we can all agree bare is best whether on holiday or if you just need a break from the daily grind.

We hope all of you find your puddle to play in.

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