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Naked in The News: International Skinny Dip Day ’19

Be sure to mark your calendar for the “cheekiest” AANR event for 2019: International Skinny Dip Day on July 13, 2019!  Join in with naturists around the world to enjoy the recreation of swimming au natural. This is a fun experience to take part in as part of the AANR National Nude Recreation Week (July 8-13, 2019) which is a 44 year tradition.  While AANR’s 180 clubs and resorts across the world will have “official” International Skinny Dip events, you’re welcome to join in on your own as well! We encourage naturists to free themselves of their clothes and inhibitions by taking a dip au natural in their backyard pool, a secluded spot on a river or lake, or at a sanctioned nude beach!

Enjoy your “Nakation” on International Skinny Dip Day!

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