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Naked in the News: Freedom – The German Way

For Germans, naturism has been a way of life for over 100 years. Although initially nudism was repressed in Germany, the repression is what is believed to have paved the way for the need and desire of natural freedom. Just like in other areas of the world, the factors of social and political pressure created internal challenges for many Germans early on. However, for Germans, naturism is a way of life today. Whether it be in a sauna or on the beach, it is not atypical in German culture to enjoy and embrace the nudist lifestyle. From the creation of nudist camps, beaches, and activities like nude ping-pong and sledding, Germany’s “free body culture” is completely asexual and just about being natural.

Mr. Adamaski, a police officer in Berlin, created a naturist camp in 1921, allowing Germans to fulfill the repressed desire for “Free Body Culture”. While Mr. Adamaski’s camp was the very first licensed nudist club/camp in Germany, nearly 100 years later there are entire stretches of nudist beaches, nudist hiking trails, and nudist sporting events.

At Bare Necessities, we believe in the same values. We want to help share the most natural way of living, letting go of social norms and pressures, allowing you to be 100% yourself aboard our cruises. We provide a judgement free environment and a healthy opportunity for a completely natural reset.

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