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Naked in the News: Find the perfect spot to go bare

Skinny dipping is a time-honored tradition which has become popular among all ages whether you are a nudist or not. You’ll be surprised to know which countries around the world are more accepting of those who want to swim the way nature intended.

If you are an avid naturist or looking to take the plunge for the first time, the top three countries to visit are France, the United States, and Spain. These nudist-friendly countries have the largest number of nude beaches and/or resorts and are more agreeable with the idea of swimming in your birthday suit. France is well known for its public nude beaches; 397 in total with 212 naturist campsites.

Believe it or not, the United States comes in second, the US has the most naturist campsites, 253 across the country — particularly in California and Florida. There are also 299 nudist-friendly beaches; remember though public nudity is only partially legal in the USA.

Spain comes in at number three with the most nudist beaches; 422 in total and many more unofficial secluded ones, but only 95 naturist campsites. Spain happens to have the most nudist beaches since nudity is totally legal, it’s actually written into their constitution.

Other countries on the list include Thailand and Australia. Public nudity is also legal in Thailand, yet the country only has nine beaches and 12 campsites. Australia has 66 beaches and 57 campsites; however public nudity is only partially legal.

Whenever visiting a nude beach, be respectful and stick to designated areas; this way we can all continue to enjoy social nude recreation to the fullest and ensure these nudist-friendly beaches remain in effect. If you are planning to visit any of these countries, do a little research to see if there is a nearby resort or nude beach and you’ll have one less thing to pack for your trip.

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