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Naked in the News: A true experience awaits…

Imagine gliding effortlessly through the Mediterranean on a majestic tall ship that offers an experience unique in all the world. Chris Moore did just that. He said he never missed an opportunity to rise early to greet a new day aboard the Royal Clipper. On the horizon, he could see land slowly coming into focus; not sure where the land ended and the sky began. The only sound was the gentle flapping of 42 sails in the breeze keeping the ship steady on course.

Sail away was on the top of his list. That magical moment when the captain gives the nod to weigh the anchor is an experience all on its own. Chris said “Watching the crew set the sails and standing beneath an array of billowing white sails is a humbling moment. You get the feeling you are a very small part of something majestic, something with life and character, and that wild adventures lie ahead. Imaginations were further sparked by the playing of Vangelis’ 1492 “Conquest of Paradise” as we eased away — stirring stuff indeed.”

His favorite location was the stern of the ship to watch the land slip away or the sun sink below the horizon. Other times he joined guests gathered around the pools; with a drink in hand, it didn’t take long to make new friends. He says to expect to leave your cares behind and enjoy a gentle warm ocean breeze as it caresses your body and warms your soul. A bare cruise on the Royal Clipper is what Chris calls his idea of heaven.

Guests can pamper themselves with a massage, keep a lookout for playful dolphin as well as attempt to count the stars filling the night sky. Delicious five-course meals are served each evening with exquisite wines recommended by the onboard sommelier. Think this is a bit stuffy? Not at all. Throw in a pirate themed night and come to dinner wearing nothing but your bedsheets made into a toga and you’ll see there is plenty of fun to be had. Chris comments that he clearly, had been missing something in his life and this voyage was it.

Sailing on this beautiful tall ship is a truly unique experience that combines comfort, delicious food, exquisite wines, and activities you simply cannot do on a larger vessel. The crew-to-passenger ratio ensures personal, individual attention, which makes you feel special and truly spoiled. This experience can be a reality; consider joining 214 of your fellow nudists aboard the “Wonders of the Mediterranean”. Staterooms are sure to go fast.

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