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Naked in the News : A photo documentary on Naturism

For Amelia Allen, she has always been known and respected as a Fashion Photographer, working with companies such as Hermes and Temperley London. While she has always loved shooting fashion photography, she’s always wanted to shoot social documentary photography, deviating from the fashion world. So, she decided to do just that – shoot in a naturist camp. She started by doing research, where she says she was “completely captivated”, wanting to know what it is like to be a naturist, getting to know different naturists and learning about another part of society.

She was very intrigued by the mentality that nudity can exist without a sexual subtext. So, over a two year period, Allen took photos of naturists, creating a book that serves as a social documentary of photographs, known as “Naked Britain”. While the thought of being naked in public was a bit daunting to her initially, she quickly realized it truly is all in one-self’s head. The biggest message that resonated with her personally was that life is so much more than your shape or weight or pant size, having a body that allows you to have great experiences and being comfortable in your skin is most important.

To learn more about Naked Britain, read more in a Q&A here.

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