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Mari’s Bare Story

I have not returned to these beautiful islands in over 14 years and, wow, I was captivated and seduced by the beauty of the luscious green vegetation hugging the mountains. As I did my morning yoga and swim ritual in the Paul Gauguin pool, it would continually take my breath away as I would look up enchanted by the beauty. The locals with their beautiful smiles and warm skin tones always greeted me with a warm hello, or “la orana” in Tahitian. As for the beautiful staff, my extended family for two weeks, they catered to my every need and even had special goodies or a warm towel ready for me. Heaven is truly the South Pacific; the delicious food, fruits, and fish that made my taste buds sing at every meal. What a joy, what memories! I cry in delight remembering my love of the islands and the outstanding, magical time I had sailing on her once again!

“Pariah, Na Na”

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