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Life’s A Bare Beach

Life’s a beach is well-known as the more positive take on a classic, cruder, idiom (we will save your eyes from spelling it out for you here). And it’s true, what isn’t made better in life by adding a beach? Well, we are Bare Necessities, so we would argue that adding a Bare beach is truly the best kind of beach to add. So if you’re looking to add a little bit of beach to your life, look no further than the Adriatic Odyssey 2020 aboard the Royal Clipper!

Our itinerary is sand-packed full of opportunities to explore some of the best bare beaches of Croatia! There are chances to sea some amazing sights all throughout our exciting itinerary and Bare beaches to enjoy on our stops in Split, Dubrovnik and Hvar! For example, while you are touring Diocletian’s Palace in Split, one of world’s most impressive Roman monuments, we recommend you follow it up with a monument to relaxation on Split’s amazing Bare beach! Or maybe when we visit Dubrovnik which serves as Kings Landing in “Game of Thrones”, you can Bare it all like season 1 Khaleesi in the sand of its beautiful beaches (we can neither confirm nor deny the opportunity to find dragon eggs on this stop!).

We hope you Barely explore any or all of the beaches on our itinerary. CORRECTION: We hope you explore any or all of the beaches on our Itinerary Bare-ly. If “life’s a beach”, then the Bare beaches of Croatia on the Adriatic Odyssey 2020 are the good life!


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