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Let the games begin: Olympians knew how to bare it all

As we celebrate the return of the Olympic Games these past few weeks, we find a renewed sense of pride in cheering our country’s athletes to victory. We are also reminded of the origins of the game itself and how nudity was the norm. From the early 8th century BC, Olympic athletes competed entirely in the nude. Some say the Spartans introduced the idea of competing nude as it was their tradition to exercise wearing nothing at all. Others say Osippus won his event either by discarding or losing his loincloth during the race. The game itself was originally a tribute to the Greek God Zeus and an opportunity for participants to show off their powerful muscular frames. Athletes were known to train hard not only to win their event but also build physique. They wanted to measure up to their Greek heroes who were portrayed nude in paintings and sculptures, and what better way to intimidate your competitors?

Today, athletes are wearing attire that is form fitting to allow for less resistance. As nudists though, we can agree the ancient Olympians had the right idea, it’s more comfortable to be in your own skin.

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