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Joy Merchants


b2ap3_thumbnail_12Robbie and Sirena White are joy merchants. They probably don’t think of themselves this way, but I see them creating and delivering joy and they are paid in love, appreciation, and good karma. Years ago, Robbie started an organization, Florida Young Naturists, or FYN for short, where young nudists can get together for social events at nude beaches and resorts. This weekend we are enjoying the 8th Annual End-of-Summer Bash, at Sunny Sands Nudist Resort in Pierson, Florida with more than a hundred young nudists, mostly 18 to 35. The mood is variable, from laid back, mellow and happy, to ecstatic, electric, and frolicking. I’ve not seen a frown, a sad face nor heard a cross word.


In a typical hour I follow more than 30 colorfully painted people to a field where they drench each other with colored cornstarch. The powdery explosions coat their naked bodies in a rainbow of vivid colors. A dozen others take the high ground, launching a fusillade of water balloons in a friendly, cleansing attack. The gregarious leader calls a truce so the broken balloons can be collected and they leave the grassy field of battle without a blemish.

The weekend is a never ending stream of activities, music, dance, volleyball, hot tubbing, water sliding, fire eating, body painting, massage, meditation, naked bowling, Tantra, yoga and much more. There is never a break in the activities. Pick one of the several options at the moment and wish there were more hours in the day.


Onsite park owner, Michele “Mo” Husebey, brings in extra staff for the larger than usual crowd. Teresa, serves drinks at the large bar, while Curt and Paul serve up tasty, inexpensive meals at the poolside restaurant. Mo is a good businesswoman and really gets the job done, and in spite of the extra workload, manages to smile all the time. Margie, at the gate, and Mike Pekora, the park Manager, seem to be everywhere, all the time. I went out to enjoy the sunrise and take some pictures and found he had already been up since 3 AM to help prepare for the breakfast crowd! In fact, every staff person seemed to go the extra mile to make our stay enjoyable. The park is clean, well-managed, and abundant in natural beauty. I encourage anyone who wants a pleasant nudist experience to give Sunny Sands a visit. Mo and I talked at length about the importance of fostering “AANR Values”, to ensure the family friendly comfort a first timer should experience when entering our nudist world. Sunny Sands pulls this off to perfection!

In all, our visit to Sunny Sands and the FYN Bash has been a wonderful experience. I missed out on Woodstock, but this FYN Bash is about as close as you can get to that vibe. Peace, love, and music prevailed as the theme. The fascinating mix of people, from all walks of life were a joy to meet. Having it all in a beautiful nudist resort made it sublime.

For more information about FYN see: For Sunny Sands:



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