Big Nude Boat 2021 Special Offer! | Save up to $800| See coupon codes & details


*B21 for $400 off the cabin price of the following balcony categories: 7A; 8A; 8B; 8C; 8D; 8E; and 8F.
*EB21 for $800 off the cabin price of the following extended balcony categories: 8J; and 8K.

*Discount is divided evenly among payments. E.g. If the total discount is $100, it will be divided by the three payments for the booking, meaning that each payment will have a discount of approximately $33 applied at checkout.

Jan’s Bare Story

I discovered my lack of body consciousness at an early age. Like most kids, I hated getting shots at the doctor’s office and would run away. My mother and the doctor thought that if they took my clothes off to give me the shot, I wouldn’t run out of the room. They were wrong! I ran out of the office without a care in the world, naked. Despite a start-up period of learning about appropriateness, the freedom of this feeling turned into a lifetime of enjoying the outdoors in the nude.

  • Charles Leist

    Add to the list SCUBA nude. It’s already on my list. Imagine being under water for an hour with all the fish and every critter looking just the way they were born.

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