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Is the best yoga naked yoga?

Dallas resident, Israel Luna, sure thinks so. And after having a naked yoga experience in Austin, Texas he decided he HAD to bring it to Dallas as well. Israel wanted “a place where men could be free of their clothes and in a safe, de-sexualized environment” and thus, Spayse Studios, was born. Now, men from all over the city fill classes and enjoy a naked yoga experience with a variety of options like “hatha, a ‘burn and balance’ class, and a slow ‘vinyasa’ flow class”.

While body-issues are a hot topic for everyone, this male-only naked yoga studio helps men break down some “shame around the male body and feelings” in a safe and positive environment. And while this yoga is performed in the nude, yoga helps posture and balance that carries positive results over to your clothed-life as well. Regardless, it provides a bonding experience for all who attend as when you are “stripped of all materialistic stuff”, true friendships can form.

At Bare Necessities, we couldn’t agree more with the benefits of yoga, and of course, we believe it’s best in the nude. We offer nude yoga classes (for everyone) on many of our cruises so you may experience it for yourself!

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