FEATURED STORY: First Time Bare Cruiser

I was asked by friends to join them on a cruise and split the cost of a stateroom. I was only told the itinerary and that it was round-trip from Tampa, Florida. I’m always ready for an adventure with friends and agreed to go if they made all the arrangements. That they did and commitments were made. It was only after arriving at the port in Tampa and boarding the ship that my friends told me the nature of the cruise, a nude cruise? I decided: since this was my first cruise ever, I might as well enjoy another adventure. With surprise, I climbed aboard and found it a comfortable, not shocking atmosphere. I also found a friendly amiability among the passengers and was able to make friends. I enjoyed myself and was also in a position to enjoy an adventure I had always had a desire to accomplish. I wanted to see the Panama Canal and finally had the chance and I met with a most fascinating enjoyable encounter. I am 90 years of age. With all the firsts I’ve experienced, this has taught me that an old dog can learn new tricks! I accepted the idea because I was born naked and whether we are clothed or nude, we all deserve respect.

If I can keep this attitude, I will be on many such cruises, and this trip will have been the first of many to remember. From the meeting of beautiful people, changed to new friends, I was most pleased.

Glen E. Rogers

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