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Featured Port: St. Kitts

St. Kitts is known as the hidden gem of the Caribbean, located approximately 260 miles east of Puerto Rico. This is the larger of the two Caribbean islands that comprise the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The islands’ stunning natural beauty, rich history, and friendly locals make it the perfect destination. It is known for rainforest covered mountains as well amazing beaches with white, gray, and black sand.

St. Kitts was originally named St. Christopher by famed explorer Christopher Columbus himself when he visited the island in 1492 during his second voyage to the New World. Once Britain colonized the island in the 1600s, sugar soon became the island’s main export. Take a walk along Upper Round Road, a pathway built between the old sugar plantations which offers scenic views of the farms as well as some amazing wildlife.

For those who appreciate history and have a love for structural design, Brimstone Hill Fortress, an UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must. Known as the “Gibraltar of the West Indies,” the fortress itself is an outstanding, example of 17th and 18th- century military architecture. Today Brimstone Hill Fortress is a national park and one of the most popular tourist destinations. This massive fortress is located on a limestone hilltop which rises nearly 800 feet above sea level. On a clear day, one can see up to six other islands in the distance all surrounded by vibrant hues of the Caribbean.

St. Kitts pristine beaches and warm turquoise waters are ideal for soaking up the sun, or limin’ as the locals call it. On the southeastern edge of the island, admire the panoramic views of Cockleshell Beach or if you’re looking for something a bit quieter, consider Majors Bay which is more laid-back and perfect for escaping the crowds. For something truly unique, head north to the beautiful black sand beach of Dieppe Bay which originated from a long-dormant volcano that offers spectacular views.

St. Kitts is famously friendly, much of it due to warm and welcoming Kittitians who are always eager to share their favorite local places to eat and explore with tourists. If you ever have trouble finding something, just ask! Island charm and authenticity abound from end to end. The Strip on South Frigate Bay, a collection of open-air bars and restaurants by the water, is the undisputed number one hot spot for tourists and locals alike.

Adventure seekers need not worry; there is something for everyone during your visit to St. Kitts. Explore the marine life while snorkeling or check out the amazing scenery while riding on an ATV, zip lining through the rainforest or on horseback.

St Kitts is mixture of picturesque landscapes with a touch of adventure and a dash of history. Come check it out for yourself. Bare Necessities will be stopping here during our Big Nude Boat 2023 cruise. We hope you can join us.

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