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Featured Destination: Pesaro, Italy

Next stop: Pesaro, Italy

This beautiful coastal town is situated on the eastern side of Italy, known as the Marche region.  Facing the Adriatic Sea, the city is known as the “City of Bicycles”, with cycling paths throughout the city.  Pesaro has a strong affinity for music and the arts, as well as a beautiful beach and natural landscapes.

As a tourist destination, Pesaro offers visitors a large stretch of golden beaches, which is visited most by Italians in the Summer months.  In addition to the harbor and beaches, Pesaro features gorgeous historical buildings, including the Palazzo Ducale and a handful of museums, including the Morbidelli Motorbike Museum.

We will make a stop in Pesaro aboard the Royal Clipper 2022 and offer our passengers an opportunity to explore this beautiful city.


Fountain of Fortune and Palazzo del Podesta, Fano, Pesaro, Italy.

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