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Sat, Aug 01 | Venice, Italy

7:30 PM Depart

    • Sat, Aug 01

    • Venice, Italy

      Venice, Italy, has elaborate architecture, a history that dates back over 1,000 years and a unique network of picturesque canals. Built on the waters of the Adriatic, the canals and narrow streets of Venice have prevented the use of automobiles. To get around it takes a gondola, water taxi or vaporetto to navigate the waterways or you may tour the city on foot. The attractions of the city include the Piazza San Marco, art museums, ornamental stone bridges and a nude beach on nearby Lido Island.

    • Sun, Aug 02

      • 12 PM Arrive

      • 8 PM Depart

    • Pula, Croatia

      Pula, Croatia, is the largest city in Istria and the destination of savvy European travelers. Close to the Italian border, the coastal city of Pula abounds with beautiful Adriatic views and well-preserved Roman buildings. The enormous Roman amphitheater was built between 27 - 68 AD to host 20,000 spectators and it is still in use for summer concerts and events. Istria is a wine region and the cuisine is a mixture of seafood and Italian dishes of which local mussels and white truffles are highlights.

    • Mon, Aug 03

      • 8 AM Arrive

      • 4 PM Depart

    • Krk Island, Croatia

      Krk Island, Croatia, is pronounced “Kirk” and is the largest island in the Adriatic. It is home to the famous St. Mary's Cathedral, built in the 12th century. There are many other ancient churches to visit as well as the Frankopan Castle and a Franciscan Monastery. The island of Krk has special meaning for Croatia as for centuries it was the center of Croatian literacy and the cradle of the Croatian language. Several naturist beaches are located not far from the town of Krk.

    • Tue, Aug 04

      • 8 AM Arrive

      • 6 PM Depart

    • Zadar, Croatia

      Zadar, Croatia, has a unique waterfront designed to enjoy the sunset while listening to the musical sound of the waves moving through the Sea Organ. Be sure to savor the seafood and local Marasca cherries used to make the famous liqueur called Maraschino. Plan a visit to Krka National Park with it’s beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear water. Be sure to catch the Klapa group performance. It is a traditional Dalmatian form of all male a cappella singing and it is not to be missed.

  1. SEA DAY - Wine & Food Classes
    AUG 5

    • Thu, Aug 06

      • 9:00 AM Arrive

      • 8:00 AM Depart

    • Split, Croatia (Overnight)

      Split, Croatia, is the second-largest city in Croatia and a great combination of the old and the new. After the ship’s tender drops you off at the pier you walk across the Riva Promenade and immediately step inside Diocletian’s Palace, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Built by the Romans in 305 AD, the Old Town was built on top of and around Emperor Diocletian’s massive waterfront retirement home. It is one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments and full of cafes, restaurants and shops thriving amid the atmospheric old walls. The local market is also a joy to stroll through with everything from fruits, vegetables, local cheese and liqueurs, as well as clothing, shoes and souvenirs.

    • Fri, Aug 07

      • 10:30 AM Arrive

      • 11:30 PM Depart

    • Hvar, Croatia

      Hvar, Croatia, is pronounced “Var” and is surrounded by the beautiful string of Pakleni Islands. The nude beach is on nearby Jerolim Island and easily reached by water taxi, or splurge and take a sailboat tour around the islands and stop at the nude beach as part of the tour. The port town is lovely with shopping and cafes. The more adventurous can plan a hike up to Hvar Fortress above the town and enjoy the magnificent view.

    • Sat, Aug 08

      • 9:00 AM Arrive

      • 6:00 PM Depart

    • Korcula, Croatia

      Korcula, Croatia, is pronounced “Korchula”. It is one of Croatia’s finest surviving fortified medieval towns and is small but majestic. Walk around the town walls and visit the main squares. Enjoy the beauty of Old Town's towers and main entrance. Explore St Mark’s Cathedral, Bishop’s treasury, Town Museum, Arneri Palace and the town’s churches of St Peter’s, St Mihovil’s, and Gospojina. Stop in one of the old town’s wine bars and taste samples of local wines such as Grk wine, produced on the Island. Take home organic local honey, jams and olive oil.

    • Sun, Aug 09

      • 9:00 AM Arrive

      • 11:00 PM Depart

    • Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Dubrovnik, Croatia, is familiar to all “Game of Thrones” fans as the stand-in for Kings Landing, but it is much more. Dubrovnik Old Town is one of the world’s most perfectly preserved medieval cities, with huge, thick stone walls built between the 11th and 17th centuries. It is possible to walk along these walls to enjoy the best views of the Pearl of the Adriatic. Nearby Lokrum Island has a nude beach, or passenger may simply enjoy a refreshing skinny-dip off the Royal Clipper’s water-sports platform, weather permitting.

    • Mon, Aug 10

      • 9:00 AM Arrive

      • 11:00 PM Depart

    • Kotor, Montenegro

      Kotor, Montenegro, is one of the most appealing and unspoiled examples of a medieval city one will ever see and the sail into the Bay of Kotor is one of the most breathtaking imaginable. The authentic character of the city and it’s charming people make this a passenger favorite. The Old City is well preserved with architecture typical of the Middle Ages and sites such as the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  2. SEA DAY - SEA DAY - Wine & Food Classes
    AUG 11

    • Wed, Aug 12

      • 11:00 AM Arrive

      • 8:00 AM Depart

    • Rimini, Italy (Overnight)

      Rimini, Italy, is Italy’s favorite Adriatic beach resort and attracts lovers of ancient culture as well as sun-seekers and party people. The old town has many interesting sights, including the Arch of Augustus from 27 BC, and the Tiberius Bridge from the early 1st century. There are Roman ruins and a Renaissance cathedral to admire while Rimini also boasts many great restaurants and an Ibiza inspired nightlife.

      Rimini is also a jumping off point for visiting San Marino, the fifth smallest country in the world. San Marino has a beautiful mountainous landscape, medieval castles, and unique food influenced by northeastern Italian cuisine. It’s only a 30 minute motor coach ride away and the views from the hilltop town are amazing and absolutely worth the trip.

    • Thu, Aug 13

      • 1:00 PM Arrive

      • 6:00 PM Depart

    • Ravenna, Italy

      Ravenna, Italy, is an art and history lover’s dream, most famous for its Byzantine era architecture and extensive mosaics. Ravenna’s several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, its proximity to the Adriatic Riviera and the region’s growing reputation as a top foodie destination draw visitors from all over the world. Central Ravenna is quiet and pedestrian-friendly. Be sure to visit the Basilica di San Vitale, the covered market, and Piazza del Popolo. This is an elegant last stop before our overnight in Venice!

    • Fri, Aug 14

      • 9:00 AM Arrive

      • 8:00 AM Depart

    • Venice, Italy (Overnight )

      Plan a few extra days at the end of our excursion to explore the beautiful city of Venice. Experience the city on foot or by gondola and visit some of the most popular destinations in Italy, including St Mark's Basilica, the Grand Canal, and the Piazza San Marco. With the Port of San Basilio located in the heart of Venice, our overnight stay in this romantic city will be one for the books.

Sat, Aug 15 | Venice, Italy

8:00 AM Arrive

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