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*B21 for $400 off the cabin price of the following balcony categories: 7A; 8A; 8B; 8C; 8D; 8E; and 8F.
*EB21 for $800 off the cabin price of the following extended balcony categories: 8J; and 8K.

*Discount is divided evenly among payments. E.g. If the total discount is $100, it will be divided by the three payments for the booking, meaning that each payment will have a discount of approximately $33 applied at checkout.

Big Nude Boat 2020 News


Bare Fest Events:

  • Bare Ware – on embarkation day wear your favorite BNT&T cruise t-shirt or nudist resort t-shirt
  • Barely Formal Night – aka Captain’s Night – dress up or down – it’s your cruise & you choose
  • Mardi Gras – celebrate Fat Tuesday with a “Great Legends of the World” themed parade and Costume Contest with prizes
  • Black and White Pearl Gala – celebrating 30 years of bare cruising with the pearl anniversary – black & white attire in the main dining room, but black & white pearls are the only attire required for our deck dance party that evening
  • Leap Year – enjoy your bonus day this year relaxing at sea with Bare Necessities

Classes & Entertainment:

  • Crafty Cruisers – create black & white pearl necklaces & bracelets compliments of Bare Necessities
  • Mindfulness – start your day with Donna & gain new insight into the health benefits of meditation
  • Photography – learn how to improve your iPhone & vacation photography with instructor Michael Cooney
  • Nudist Destinations in Europe – discover the best nudist resorts Europe has to offer with Christy Anne
  • DJ Xavier & Herman – dance the night away with this dynamic duo joining us from Cypress Cove resort

Coming in January:

  • Booking Numbers – keep an eye on your email approximately 30 days prior to sailing for your Carnival Booking/Reservation number – instructions will be included on how to visit Carnival’s website and complete online check-in as well as view and purchase shore excursions
  • Nude Excursions – information about fabulous nude excursions to Passion Island in Cozumel, NEW La Bamba Beach Club in Costa Maya, & Paya Bay Resort in Mahogany Bay will be included with your booking numbers and posted here as well once the information is complete
  • VIFP Number – we will let you know how to get your VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) number included on the reservation – for more information about VIFP benefits please visit


  • Guide Book – Our Guide Book provides helpful information to help you in planning your trip –
  • Passports – should be valid for 6 months from the date of your return – if it expires on or before September 1, 2020 consider renewing it now
  • Bathrobes – are provided to suite guests – you may consider packing your own robe as quantities are limited.
  • Carnival Cheers – the beverage package will now be available for purchase when you receive your booking number

Bare Excursions: – Information about nude excursions offered by Carnival will be emailed with your booking numbers. The nude beach excursions below are not to be missed!:

  • La Bamba Beach Break in Costa Maya – hop on a motor coach to a private beach made nude for our bare cruisers – lunch & open bar included – NEW!
  • Paya Bay Resort in Mahogany Bay – sample the natural beauty of this unique bare beach resort on the island of Roatan; lunch is included – maybe it will be your future Nakation destination!
  • Passion Island in Cozumel – enjoy a catamaran ride to a beautiful private island with lunch and open bar – truly a day in bare-adise!
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