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Core Value of September: Natural Reset

At Bare Necessities we are focused on providing the best opportunities for our guests to experience “natural reset”. We feel that in the modern world we live in, we have created so many degrees of separation between us and nature. While many of us spend the majority of our time inside working at a desk with technology, our ancestors lived a much simpler life where they were out working in nature with one another. These changes have truly contributed to the separation we experience from the natural life.

Although many of us may not realize, Wifi certainly has dominated many of our waking minutes over the past 10+ years, taking us away from natural life (even when we aren’t behind a computer) and leaving us with effects that we are not even certain of quite yet.

What we do know is that nature and natural reset provides healing. Research shows that being out in nature, whether it be walking in a forest or on a beach is more effective than using antidepressants. It is our goal at Bare Necessities to allow our passengers to simply connect with the earth and one another – whether it be having skin contact with the ground on a beach, snorkeling with beautiful fish, or taking a walk through a forest, our different cruises offer a multitude of opportunities to truly connect with nature and naturally reset our minds and bodies. We encourage you to take an opportunity to join us to help calm your mind and nervous system through experiencing natural reset on one of our cruises. Leave the phone behind, nature’s got you covered!

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