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Barest of Necessities – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is approaching and during this time of social distancing it may be difficult to think of how-to best plan for this holiday. Here are several ways to spend time together by keeping it simple.

Start the day off right- breakfast in bed. Make your favorite breakfast treats to share.

Get outdoors… whether it’s for a walk, bike ride or perhaps ice skating; do something together. Find a nearby hike & bike trail or neighborhood park and take in the scenery.

Visit a local brewery or vineyard; you can also shop at your local grocery store to create your own tasting menu.

Join a virtual mixology or cooking class to expand your taste buds. Mixology company’s like Liquid Lab offer a variety of interactive Zoom classes. You can also search online for virtual cooking classes. Have both of you help out in the kitchen preparing that special meal and libations this holiday.

Laugh out Loud – watch a comedy show all in the comfort of your own home. Local comedy clubs such as Nowhere Comedy Club are offering online streaming of their lineups.

Snuggle under a blanket with some popcorn or other favorite snack while watching a romantic movie. Consider lighting some candles to set the mood.

Star Gazing – there are plenty of star gazing apps to help you identify the Cosmos; afterwards head inside for a hot toddy or some cocoa.

Couples massage and spa day – add some essential oils to your bathtub, light some candles and give each other a massage.

Put on some comfy pajamas and pull out your favorite board games or video games for some good old-fashioned fun.

Stream a virtual concert and have your very own dance party (with or without clothes!)

However, you choose to spend Valentine’s day; we hope it’s a special one for you and those around you.

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