Big Nude Boat 2020 is Selling Fast!
Bare Necessities was mentioned on Ellen!

While Ellen might have had a little fun with the idea of nude cruising, we were excited to be mentioned on the show. We believe Bare Necessities’ value of Open Body & Mind is a value that Ellen would share as well. So, after this aired, we invited her on a cruise!

Be sure to check out 3:10 in the video above to see the mention!

  • Nude cruising is the bomb!! Bare Necessities has a big Nude Boat every year, we went last year and it was amazing!! No one is looking at your body, everyone just minds there own business, no one stares at you! And everyone is equal…. without clothing there is no judgement at who is upscale, dressed down, or whatever. People are much friendlier to meet than on a “vanilla” cruise where folks don’t talk to you as much, and are judgy~ Swimming naked is like nothing else, and going naked on the island owned by the cruiseline …. PRICELESS!!