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October is the best time to explore costume ideas for our upcoming Bare Fest events aboard the Big Nude Boat 2019. Whether you are shopping for a full costume or just accessories, check out what we have in store and let your creative juices flow. We are adding to the amazing entertainment Carnival offers by bringing a few guest performers onboard!

Jan 25th – Bare Wear Day (Embarkation Day)

We can’t be nude until we leave port so why not arrive at the cruise terminal wearing your favorite Bare Necessities cruise or nudist club shirt. This is a great way to represent your club or organization and a great conversation starter when waiting to board the ship.

Jan 26th – Not your High School Prom

Captain’s night is now Bare Necessities Barely Formal. Pull those prom dresses out and pack those bow ties —but, of course, formal attire is optional. The Crafty Cruisers will be onboard to assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind complimentary corsage or bow tie. Enjoy pre-dinner dancing with Taste of Love or the sound of Carlos on the flute. We can dance until dawn as Cypress Cove’s DJ Xavier plays all the tunes from our favorite decade wearing only our corsages, bow ties, and smiles.

Jan 28- Neon Night !  Join us for a glow in the dark deck party where the only attire required is colorful neon lights! 

Jan 29th – Let’s get together

As we sail away from Jamaica, spend the evening enjoying the sounds of Bob Marley and those musicians following in his footsteps. Don’t worry about a thing – whether you choose to dress up or not, we’ll be jammin’ with DJ Xavier as he hosts a reggae deck party to remember.

Jan 30th – 2 Worlds Collide! Alice meets Dorothy

We’ll celebrate with a Mad Hatter’s tea party during the day and a Toto-ly-Oz-some parade that will take us over the rainbow and down the rabbit hole to arrive at our annual costume contest. For those who want to join in the fun, our Crafty Cruisers will be available to help you craft the perfect hat to don for the evening’s festivities that are sure to be curiouser and curiouser.

Feb 1st – Fiesta de Flip-flop!

Once we depart Mexico and are given the all clear, toss everything aside – all you’ll need for this fiesta are your flip flops! What’s a fiesta without a piñata and prizes? Join the celebration by donating to “Groove for St. Jude” for a chance to win some amazing prizes. Feel free to spruce up those flip flops with some tropical clip-on decorations. Crafty Cruisers will be on hand to help accentuate your footwear. DJ Xavier will keep the party going well into the wee hours of the night.

Feb 2nd – Passenger Talent Show

A Bare tradition scheduled on our final night. For those interested, come prepared to entertain passengers with your unique talents — everything from singing to magic tricks to telling jokes. No clothing required, however, make sure to bring anything you’ll need for your performance.

  • wdonbeard

    I’m looking forward to going on my first nudist cruise on the Big Nude Boat in January 2019.


      Our first nudist cruise also. Excited!!

      • WDB

        I’m excited too! I’m flying from north central Texas to Orlando 2 weeks from tomorrow and staying in Cocoa Beach before the cruise.

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