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A Bare Novice’s Questions, Answered.

Will I be judged if I don’t go bare at first? 

Absolutely not! A bare cruise is all about your comfort. We encourage you to take it at your own pace. Once you experience how freeing it is to go bare, you’ll wonder what took you so long!

Do people choose to go partially bare?
Some passengers choose to wear swimsuit bottoms, sarongs, and various cover-ups. You can do whatever you want! It’s all about you feeling comfortable and at-ease while onboard.

Am I going to feel self-conscious as a first-timer?
You might feel strange at first, but it becomes so comfortable and natural that you’ll forget all of your insecurities and worries. Especially once you see the people around you loving their bodies so openly!

What happens if I get an erection?
You probably won’t, don’t worry. Here’s the thing: we see nudity as a completely natural state of being, void of any sexual implications. But if it happens, don’t panic – simply grab your towel and wrap it around your waist or take a quick dip into the pool!

What should I pack?
You’ll need to be clothed in the dining rooms, at each port, and when exploring the many destinations. Some passengers choose to wear more formal clothing to the Captain’s Cocktail Party, but this is absolutely not required. Comfortable clothing and shoes are perfectly acceptable.

If we didn’t cover one of your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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