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Use coupon code B23 $500* off balcony cabins (Category 7A, 8A through 8F)

Use coupon code EB23 $1000* off extended balcony cabins (Category 8J and 8K)

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3 Things You Should Know About Nude Cruising [April 2019 Addition]

The first thing to know: You won’t feel fat

You’d think showing it all, or even some of it, would expose what your inner critic calls your “problem areas” — and that this might make you feel unattractive. Give yourself about two hours and you’ll find the opposite. Clothes are evil. You wouldn’t have a muffin top if it weren’t for jeans. Lose the bra and say goodbye to back bulges. Why do you think artists prefer painting their subjects au natural?

It’s usually his idea — at first
Of the dozens of couples I met, only one pair shared that going nude was her idea.

It’s not a free-for-all

There are rules — official and implied — to make everyone more comfortable. An example of an official rule is that inappropriate touching is not allowed at any time and staff will enforce this. An implied rule is one your mother taught you: Staring isn’t polite.



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